Levels of Awareness

Here we look at the elusive subject of Consciousness and the levels at which it can be found. There is no universally accepted interpretation of this concept of consciousness – there are almost as many interpretations as there are people writing about it.

In our work with Esotericism and the Wisdom, we follow our own precept of:

  • Simplicity of concept
  • Complexity of execution
  • Clarity and Tenacity of purpose

 In most work with the Wisdom, the basic concept is simple to understand, but the details can be highly complex – if one does not hold the underlying concept in view, it is easy to get confused by the complexity of the details

For simplicity we clarify the many levels of consciousness into three broad levels of awareness

Level One

This is the consciousness of pure materialism - with no understanding, or even awareness, of higher levels of consciousness and the wisdom available. Here we find the majority of people going about their everyday affairs and their everyday business.

 Most self-help books are aimed at this level of awareness. In these books, instruction and teaching is based upon using the intellect and accepting only what appears to be objective reality - there is a distrust of subjective thoughts and ideas

 Level Two

 This is the level of people starting to show an interest in spirituality, mysticism and esotericism. There are many thousands of people, worldwide, working at this level.

 A wide selection of books, workshops, websites, and courses is available. The theme of most of these books, is accessing the Wisdom to help the individual solve their individual personality problems - of relationships, emotions, finances and material life.

 People working with these ideas, begin to use some form of spiritual practice, such as meditation, begin to experience higher levels of consciousness, start to have intuitive sparks, experience synchronicity and begin to value and accept this spontaneous, subjective experience.

There tends to be a one-way flow of ideas into the seeker and not the ability to work with the source of inspiration.

This is the start of the spiritual journey - the more people who are at this level, the better for humankind.

 There is a clue here to understanding why spirituality tends not to be understood in Academic and Scientific circles.  To reach these higher levels, some form of spiritual practice, has to be adopted - meditation is the most common - and through this practice, begin to experience and explore these levels, leading to an inner, personal, subjective, 'knowing, of the truth of the Wisdom

This is a subjective, inner, personal  process

It cannot be achieved by an objective, intellectual approach

Level Three

This is the level on which the individual is able to work fluently with higher levels of consciousness - and the Beings and Wisdom to be found at this level.  Worldwide. there are hundreds of people working at this level.

It appears that this level is only achievable after working for some time at Level Two - often many years.

 The introduction to this level may be triggered by a crisis in the individual’s life - but this is not always the case. The initiating moment seems to be initiated by the seeker, in a moment of desperation, asking for help.

What happens next appears to be an act of Grace -

 There is a long-established esoteric saying:

When the seeker is ready, the master appears

 A Being at a higher level of consciousness makes direct contact. This is a contact that is immediately recognised. The Being invites the seeker to commit themselves to following the guidance that is offered and, if they do, their personal affairs will be looked after by the Cosmos.

This is another moment of decision - in St Mathews Gospel are the words 

Many are called, but few are chosen.

 The 'Call' is clear enough and brings with it the need for a decision on whether to follow the guidance, wherever it leads - or whether it is more sensible to ignore something that might lead into dangerous and unknown areas. 

The above quotation reflects the reality that many people receive the call - but everyone has free, and not everyone will decide to enter into the lifetime contract that the call involves. Surprisingly enough, although this is an apparently onerous contract, it comes at a time of difficulty for the seeker, and the idea may be wholly  only acceptble.  

If it is accepted, a period of training is started - training in how to access and recognise the Being, how to work with them, and how to record the ideas being suggested and to be taken.

And the guidance honours their part of the commitment by looking after the material aspects of the incarnate person's life. Often by what seem miraculous ways, the problems that the individual has previously experienced, are carefully looked after and solutions found by the Cosmos.

This brings peace, calm, contentment and happiness into the seeker's life so that they no longer need to be concerned with the apparent problems of everyday life. These are looked after, and the seeker is free to concentrate on the service they are asked to deliver to the outer world