The Hall of Many Doors

 When you start to work with your Higher Self, on Level Three, you will contact many different Beings, inspiring you with different projects and aspects of your spiritual life.

 You may also find yourself beginning to understand your own past lives - and gradually there will grow a complexity that is potentially confusing.

 Here we look at one way of organising these contacts – it is one way only -   it's up to you to develop your own process for arranging your growing number of contacts.


 Start by reaching Level Three as we describe on that page.

As usual – compose yourself - when you are ready,  go out through the door into however you see your surroundings on Level Three.

 Visualise in the distance a large, squar, e golden temple,  with a door in the centre of the wall facing you .

Walk up to the temple. Note what what it looks like from the outside, then open the door,  walk through it,  and shut the door  behind you.

Look at what you see – it will be dim inside, in a sort of all-pervading moonlight. Things can be seen clearly, but it is not brilliantly lit.

You will see other people moving about inside, but they do not contact you or disturb your purpose.

As you get used to the light, you will see that you are in a large hall surrounded by many doors. Intuitively, you know that these are not all your doors, but some will lead to the places where you will meet specific guides, and others may lead to your own past lives, that you may later explore.

You are here to visit and understand the Hall of Many Doors - and now is not the time to enter any particular door . When you're ready, turn round and go out again through the main door -  shut it behind you , walk across your Level Three, enter the small cabin, and descend through the tube of light to the place where you started

Having discovered the Hall of Many Doors, you now have a place in which to arrange a meeting with whoever may be guiding you.