Working with our Guidance

We have seen how a Higher Being may contact us - and how we understand the purpose of this contact. 

Now we look at how we work with this Being.

Develop a practice

 We need to establish a regular spiritual practice – meditation is the most usual – there are many ways of doing this and this is not the place to describe them individually – abundant ideas are available on the Internet.  Essentially meditation is a disciplined way of stilling the mind and being aware of what is experienced. It is helpful to have a regular time and practice - early morning before breakfast is one of the best.

Discover your guide

 We describe in the page on Being, how a guide contacts the seeker - but who he or she may be, may not be clear. It is helpful to ask the guide who they are and how they want to appear to you.

Start by going to your safe place on Level Three, as we describe in our page Place.

Ask your guide to be with you and suggest how you might visualise them.  You wouldn't be able to recognise them as a pure spirit - so, it is helpful to recognise them as some specific being. This may be a Tibetan monk, a Goddess, an American Indian or a Chinese Mandarin - it matters not which is adopted. You will agree this with your guide. They will undertake to make themselves available, at appropriate times, in this particular guise.

It is important to understand that this is a simple and personal way for contacting this particular guide - who in actuality will be something entirely different - but we have devised a way of meeting.

Agree where to meet

Your first meeting was when the first contact was made - and this present meeting is in your Safe Place.

it is helpful to agree a place where you will meet your guide when you need help.  Again, this is something you need to discuss together and agree.

The most practical way is to agree that you will meet behind one of the doors in the Hall of Many Doors. When you enter the appropriate door, your guide will meet you and, if you have agreed that he will appear as a Tibetan Monk, he will probably take you into his monastery.  He will take you to a quiet room - or maybe a balcony, where are you can be together and share whatever is to be shared.

Here we need to repeat, once more, that this is a device whereby you use guided visualisation to work with a Being on a higher level of consciousness – a Being you could not recognise if they were to make themselves present in their true selves


Next, it is helpful to agree how and when you meet – this could be as part of your regular morning meditation, or when you need clarification on a particular issue.

Record Information 

You have been called and you have undertaken to follow your calling, whatever it may lead - Guidance will be regularly provided on the overall plan with specific details for the next stage. it is helpful to record, in writing, the ideas and information that you are given. It is not always easy to remember exactly what was said and it can be helpful to have a separate session when you particularly ask for help and record the response.

A good way is to sit with your computer and voice recognition software - ask for the specific help needed - and allow your guide to speak through you with the appropriate information. When this is complete, print it out and file it for future reference.

Read notes regularly

 When first recorded, these notes may appear banal and obvious - but on reading a week or so later, they will often be seen to have been vital pointers in the next step is in the work to be done.

Carry out requests

 When suggestions are made, it is important that every effort is made to materialises the suggestions, as far as is practically possible.  Sometimes the steps may appear to be unnecessary but will later be seen to have been vital.

Listen to other promptings

As the work progresses, you will receive ideas and hints at unusual times and in unusual places – a particularly important time is when first awakening in the morning - there may be a new idea hovering - it is important to write this down in a notebook by your bedside, before it is forgotten so that is available for future action.

Guidance general

As you progress with working with guidance, and creative visualisation, you will contact new guides and find new ways of meeting and working with them.

Behind all this work needs to be an acceptance that you are being directed in the right lines and that, if you take the recommended steps, stage by stage and day by day, eventually the project will be materialised.

 This needs trust in the reality of what you're working with, and patience !

It may take months, or even years, for the idea to eventually materialise. And what emerges may be something quite different to what you originally thought you were working with - but it will have been inspired.

Apparent Failures

Some inspired wok flourishes and blossoms– others may appear to be moribund, stuck and not making any real progress.

Later these apparent failures will often be seen to be the foundation stone upon which the project can be continued in the future by new people with new energy- and given a flying start by this initial work.  

No guided work is ever in vain