Who Are the BeingS that MAKE contact ?

We need to start by summarising our understanding of the spiritual world we are working with.

The ‘All’- There is one unified universe including everything that is spiritual and everything that is material. It is partly understandable through the material forms in which it appears.

All is Consciousness -The Mind of the All is in every aspect of the material universe and a form of consciousness is found everywhere.

Planes of Being -The word Planes is used to describe different frequencies of spiritual energy.  The words ‘above’ and ‘below' are often used and imply the physical separation of items that in reality occupy the same space but at different energy levels. The spiritual world could be thought of as a different universe interpenetrating the physical world.

Higher Mind – the part of the soul in touch with pure spirit. This Higher Mind can be contacted through meditation and intuition - but is not accessible through everyday intellectual thought

Contact with the Wisdom - By developing certain practices, including meditation, it is possible to access beings at higher levels of consciousness – this in turn enables access to the sea of cosmic Wisdom.

Hierarchies of Beings- A gulf exists between the consciousness of the Divine All and the awareness of a human being.

By necessity, a gradation of consciousness is needed between the one indescribable Divine and the ordinary human. This infinite ladder of consciousness – of different awareness and complexity - is occupied by intelligent entities from the most mundane to the most supreme. 

Certain advanced souls have developed to the point where they are able to act as intermediaries between the Divine All and individual incarnate souls. This range of beings, at different stages of consciousness, enables the incarnate human to find a guide at a level of awareness he was able to recognise and understand

How do we recognise and accept the call of thESE BeingS ?

Preliminary WORK

An essential start is fully understanding the nature of spiritual reality, levels of consciousness and the beings to be found at these various levels.  This can be achieved by reading books, attending workshops, seminars and retreats - and, in particular, developing some form of spiritual practice.

You will need to be fluent with Level Two that we describe in our pages on Levels. Begin to be comfortable with the Level Yhree – for this is the only place where you will be able to reach the Being we are seeking.


From your preliminary work, you will have come to a clear inner understanding and acceptance that there is a Wisdom available at higher levels of consciousness.  This acceptance is a natural product of increasing knowledge of the world of the spirit.

The Call 

There is a saying, by the Theosophists, that goes: 

'When the seeker is ready, the master appears'

This is the idea that the master – a wise disincarnate being - has been quietly watching the progress of the seeker.  When the seeker's awareness and understanding has been sufficiently developed, the master will be able to make their presence felt.

This contact will be made what we call an act of grace it's not something that is sort something which arrived this when the time is right.  And it is initiated by a crisis in which the seeker in desperation cries out for help.  But this is not always the case but however it happens a clear voice will be heard in response to the call for help.

The voice may not introduce itself - you may have no idea who is speaking but the theme will be something like -  if you commit yourself to following the ideas for action,  which I suggest, and you put your whole heart into the undertaking - then I will look after you, your people and your material needs.

This unknown voice is quite new to the seeker, and a decision has to be made on whether this is a voice authority and integrity and one that can be safely listened to.

What we are talking about is totally unprovable by any conventional logical means.  but when experienced, there is a reality to it, and it carries the ring of truth.


A Being having made the first contact, there comes the stage of committing or not to follow this voice - In Mathew in the New Testament is the phrase-

Many are called, but few are chosen

Something about the voice makes it clear that what is being asked for is full-time commitment - and not just a casual one-off response. This is a commitment to honour this call and the advice and ideas that are conveyed, whatever the cost might be.

The 'choosing' comes about by the one who who has been called agreeing to honour the obligations of  the call

If the decision is made to commit to the call, then this is a lifetime commitment and one that dictates every aspect of the seeker’s life. Having decided to commit to this guidance, then the information starts to flow does the support to all aspects of the seeker’s life.

But there it is a price to pay - many of the tasks suggested will be unusual and difficult - and carrying them out will often lead to family, friends and colleagues thinking that the seeker is doing something ridiculous and wrong - but it will always be made clear to the seeker that the task being called for is ultimately for the benefit of mankind and the work is worth doing whatever the cost.