Here we look at how this Wisdom may be accessed:

Where necessary we will call the individual carrying out the process ‘the initiator’.

In the draw down page,  we look and various aspects of Spiritual Practice that may be adopted to help in the process of Accessing the Wisdom


Accept – the starting point is to accept that there is available a higher wisdom only accessible through an altered state of consciousness,

Choose– having accepted that this wisdom is available, a decision is then taken on just what help is being sought – is it personal or for some esoteric project ?

Ask – Then ask for help – start by visualising the project as currently seen – then concentrate the mind and ask for help in taking the project forward.

Listen- now it is necessary to listen to the guidance that comes through. It may not happen immediately and may arrive through synchronistic events. It could be a new individual making contact, it might be through the introduction to a mystery school, it could be book ‘leaping from the shelves’ in a bookshop, it could be through intuitive sparks of information, ideas coming through in meditation or even a dream, whatever form it takes the initiator needs to be open and take on board the information that arrives. 

Record – it is helpful to record these ideas in writing, whatever their source, as they are easily forgotten. Gradually build up a coherent plan from these individual pieces of information.

Visualise – when the plan becomes clear, visualise it vividly. The holding of the vivid vision becomes an esoteric ‘beacon’ that will help to attract new energy and resources to the project. The absolute clarity of the beacon and will also repel those who might be interested out of curiosity and would not be prepared to make the commitment necessary to help take the project forward

Act – the ideas given for project may simply outline the objectives, leaving the method of achieving these objectives to the initiator.

The Initiator now needs to take all the necessary action in order to move the project forward. This will involve drawing up a reasonably detailed plan of the immediate action to be taken, including people and resources needed. Then action has to be taken to implement the plan. But the initiator is no longer alone. They now have the help of the Guidance that has come forward. This help from higher consciousness will be going out to inspire the individuals and resources needed to help the project flourish. These will come forward in unexpected ways and the initiator needs to respond and understand that this unexpected help is to play a vital part in building the project

Maintain Contact– the Guidance is always available to the initiator. As progress is made, there needs to be regular contact with the guidance that has taken an interest in the project. Information will flow in and this may indicate a course of action slightly different to that originally envisaged and there needs to be sensitivity to these subtle ‘changes of course’.

If the initiator is working in harmony with the guidance, everything needed will be made available, but it may arrive in a totally unexpected fashion. So constant awareness is needed in order to assess the relevance of unsolicited people and resources that unexpectedly appear upon the scene.

Result – if the project is genuinely of value to the community, has the support of higher levels of consciousness, and an initiator totally committed to the project, who listens carefully and follows the ideas that come through, then inevitably the project will flourish and become a successful sustainable organisation.