How do we Access Higher Levels ?

In Level Three - as we describe it -  is to be found the individual's Higher Self - the part of them that is in direct contact with higher levels of consciousness - and the level where it is possble to relate to Beings to be found at this level.

There are various essential stages involved in accessing this Level. This is essentially an outline and each of these stages could be expanded into a booklet in its own right.

What we have to say here may, a first, appear to be unbelievable and unrealistic – but this will only be so if one has not yet achieved the basics of understanding the life of the spirit.

if you have got this far with our website, we ask you to accept what we are discussing as a hypothesis of something that is real, and of real value in everyday practical life, even though at first sight it may seem to be opposed to current materialistic concepts.


An essential start is to fully understand the nature of spiritual reality, levels of consciousness and the beings to be found at these various levels.  This can be achieved by reading books, attending workshops, seminars and retreats - and, in particular, developing some form of spiritual practice. This is essentially working with Level Two and all its aspects, as defined in our page on Levels.

Developing this awareness is not an instantaneous process and may take many years.

It is not an intellectual understanding of another's teaching. It is an inner acceptance of the reality of a non-material, spiritual world and can only be achieved through extensive reading, experience in courses and workshops, and developing a personal spiritual practice such as meditation.


From the preliminary work, comes a clear internal understanding and acceptance that there is a Wisdom available at higher levels of consciousness.  This acceptance is a natural product of the increasing knowledge and experience of the world of the spirit.

Develop a practice 

it is important to establish a regular spiritual practice – meditation is the most usual – there are many ways of doing this and this is not the place to describe them individually – abundant ideas are available on the Internet.  Essentially meditation is a disciplined way of stilling the mind and being aware of what is experienced. It is helpful to have a regular time and practice - early morning before breakfast as one of the best.

Develop guided visualisation 

this is a simple process that is invaluable in working with the world of spirit.  In essence the steps are as follows

Go to the usual place where you meditate - sit quietly and visualise in your mind the particular place where you want to be - see it vividly - notice any particular aspects - and recall the steps you need to get to this place - having arrived, decide what you want to do there - do whatever is necessary in that place.

This is being visualised in your mind, but with practice it can become a vivid learning experience.

Access Level Three

Here we describe a way of visualising Level Three – this is not necessarily the reality - but experience shows that it is helpful to create some sort of clear visual idea, as a first step in accessing these ephemeral levels of consciousness. 

As with everything to do with the spiritual life, this is a highly personal. subjective. matter and you have to develop what works for you – what we are giving here is an example of one way of approaching this question

Start with the meditation practice developed you in Level Two

Then visualise a tube of light rising above you -

Rise up through this tube, counting from 1 to 10 - at the count of 10, you reach the first and lowest of the truly spiritual levels.

It can be helpful to visualise that you arrive in a small cabin with a seat and the door and perhaps a place to hang up your clothes - spend a few moments composing yourself in the cabin - then open the door and walk out into level three.

This is your own version of Level Three – it could be a marketplace, open countryside, a lakeside or even the seashore with the waves gently lapping.  

Whatever you see,

this is the place where you start your adventures in working with higher consciousness.

Study it well and absorb its energy