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The 'private' pages on this site are for Members only and  need a password to enter

There is an abundance of information available in books and websites, on how to be inspired by spiritual wisdom have a look at our draw down page - Bibliography

but few of these define exactly how this process is to be carried out by the individual.

The Objects of this site are:

  • To build a group of members who are fluent in accessing, and working with, higher levels of consciousness and have used this ability in their work - whether it be writing books, consulting, mentoring, or an activity in the practical conventional world.
  • In this group, to share our personal experience, and see whether it is possible to build a coherent picture of how to work fluently with these higher levels of consciousness
  • If possible, to draw up a consensus view of this particular process 
  • To work with ideas of how to promote the services offered by individual members
  • If the above can be achieved, then to consider whether we might promote these ideas further afield
  • If there is sufficient interest, to think about building a support organisation

The site name

We have started with Wise Creativity.com  as it is a name that is available and broadly covers the concepts we are working with – we are open to considering a different name as ideas emerge and the membership grows.

This Web Site

  • This website is owned by the first two members
  • As membership grows, the contents of the site will be agreed upon and organised by the members
  • If there is sufficient interest, then this website will be incorporated into a new entity run by the members

Why have password protection ?

As we share and explore ideas, it is helpful to be able to give private personal views that we would not want to be available to the general public. Our home page and this page are open -  all other pages are password protected .

Terms of Membership

Our present thoughts are that potential members should be able to say that they-

  • have developed their own personal method of accessing, listening to, and working with high levels of consciousness
  • use this skill in their personal life
  •  have used this skill in service in the conventional world
  • this might be in publishing papers or books, providing courses, workshops mentoring or counselling services using these skills 
  • are interested in supporting the objects defined above
  • are prepared to make biographical details available and to take an active  part in promoting the objects of the group

The member’s page gives a summary of members and drawdown pages give outline details of these members.

These details briefly cover the following:

  • Biographical details
  • Personal Contact details
  • Qualifications
  • Career
  • Charitable Work
  • Current Work
  • Interests.
  • Work with higher levels of consciousness
  • Publications


This is a new website  – we will be adding  pages as we build it and new members contribute ideas on how to develop the site. As this is 'work in progress' we intend to start individual pages and then add to and change them as our experience grows -

Essentially this is an active and live web site


We have started with the  following Main pages

Wisdom - understanding the world of spirituality -with drawdown pages of papers published by Members

WisdomM -  Members' personal views of understanding the world of spirituality . with drawdown pages of papers by Individual Members

Accessing - methods of accessing higher levels of consciousness. with drawdown pages of papers published by Members

AccessingM - Members personal methods of accessing higher levels of consciousness. with drawdown pages of papers  by Indibidual Members

Action - General exploration of working with higher levels of consciousness - to include ideas on -living a spiritual life - health - mentoring - consulting  - working with groups

ActionM - Members personal experience of  working with higher levels of consciousness; with drawdown pages of papers  by Individual Members

In due course we plan to add the following pages - 

Exchange - a page where we publish comments of interest made by members

Research - specific subjects and ideas for further research

Services - provided by members - including workshops, courses, publications, consulting and mentoring


if you are not a member, and are potentially interested in joinng us, please send an email to the address below with brief details of your experience and how you could be interested in furthering the objects of this site.