WisdomM -  PW

As an example of my personal experience of using spirituality in life:

Basically, I had learnt the skill of connecting, asking questions and receiving answers via kinesiology, the practice of muscle testing using the thumb and forefinger on my left hand. Going forward, my now enhanced awareness would be used to scan the body (questions to the higher-self to identify energy blockages and to rectify other ailments), for health & wellbeing for my benefit as well as for others, job hunting, finances for major purchases, relationships, business matters, travel and even when and where I would meet somebody who, would impact or influence my desire to understand and experience the connection to the universal intelligence.

The spiritual insights and conversations or channelled communiqués are purposefully delivered so that an enquirer will receive answers to their questions in a way that is meaningful or pertinent to them, based on their beliefs or biases. What I received through the connection to the higher consciousness is shared in the companion book ‘INSIGHTS,’ that included: -

·      What happens to us beyond death 

·      An explanation of consciousness

·      An explanation of consciousness continuation 

·      A dire warning to Humankind directly from the universal intelligence

·      Spiritual evolution

·      Stories and insights from some spiritual masters