Wisdom - understanding the world of spirituality

As a general metaphor for understanding spiritual awareness or an expanded perspective, I suggest the following :

Imagine that you had a choice between turning left or right. One direction would take you towards a rewarding, well-paid job, a new and wonderful relationship, and most of the toys you desired, whilst the other road would lead to a similar job, another relationship like the last one you recently ended and little progress in your life. Whilst the latter is not a disaster, I’m sure you would agree that the former is the direction that you would rather take. Connecting with the universal intelligence via the higher consciousness can remove the uncertainties in life, by guiding you to the best outcome in your current circumstances.

The process relies on you ‘getting out of the way' or stepping away from the decision-making so that the higher consciousness can guide you. Try for a moment to imagine yourself in a maze (a metaphor for your life), with a periscope that enables you to see over the hedge tops (a metaphor for the daily challenges). This is the perspective of the higher consciousness. Imagine now, that there is a mirror positioned 10m above you, so that when you look up you can see the entire maze (a metaphor for all possible options), this represents the universal intelligence that you can converse with to receive answers to questions. With these tools there would be no worry about making a wrong turn (a metaphor for making the wrong choice).