Rudilf Steiner  – Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

 There are two ways in which a Master is found - An individual who strives for higher knowledge, and who shuns no exertion and fears no obstacle in his quest for a master will find such a master.

A master will come to him who gives evidence of fitness when endeavouring to obtain knowledge

There is an eternal rule that establishes a form of bondage between the searcher and the master.

A fundamental attitude of the soul is the starting point - This is the path of veneration – a devotion to truth and knowledge. Without this fundamental attitude, No progress can be made.  This is developing within us the deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves and developing ourselves to explore and discover what this might be.

 Next is to work upon oneself - No progress can be made until the individual works on himself self and frees himself from the over-influence of the material world.

Look for the positive in life - He should go for admiration and respect.In every human being that he meets, he needs to explore, enjoy and embrace the positive qualities of this individual and in no way to criticize the negative aspects – we must remove at all times criticism and negative approach to individuals. We need to cultivate veneration and respect for all beings

 Develop an active life - Be guided by the richness of life that is available. Develop this by enjoying the beauties of nature and the wonder of growing things

Meditation - Practice regular meditation - moments of stillness and meditation are essential

Enjoy yourself – it is important that there are periods of enjoyment and pleasure in order to refresh the subtle and physical bodies.

Fundamental teaching of occult training is:

All the knowledge you pursue mentally for the enrichment of your personal life, including accumulating treasure, leads you away from your path;

 But all knowledge you pursue in order to grow more mature on the path of human development and to deliver selfless services brings you a step forward

Every true idea that does not become the ideal, kills the power

Every true idea that becomes an ideal engenders forces of esoteric life within

 Symbols The esoteric teaching is often given in symbols not words – the pupil needs to be able to understand these symbols in order to look at life from the Higher Self rather than the Lower Self. In this way he becomes more deserving of enlightenment and better able to understand the meaning of the esoteric world.

The stages of initiation

Preparation - consists of refining the sensitive spiritual faculties with which the body of the soul and spirit is equipped in the same way that forces of nature have equipped the physical body and organs needed to survive in material matter.  This is done by directing the attention of the soul to happenings in the world around.

Rhythm - This is placing particular emphasis on birth, life, growing and thriving.  Whilst on the other hand observing the phenomena of fading, decay, withering and death.

By focusing on this ‘breathing in and breathing out’ – the endless flow of life – tides flowing in and out – breathing in and out, birth, growth, maturity, decay and death – day and night and the seasons of the year

 By being aware of this rhythm, and living with it, a greater understanding is reached of all that is part of the material world.

Orientation - this is achieved when the individual is permeated through and through with the conscious realization that feelings and thoughts are veritable realities. In the soul-world and in the world of thoughts, feelings and thoughts work upon each other, just as physical objects do in the physical world. Control of these thoughts is achieved if he forbids himself at all times to harbour wrong thoughts and feelings.

Sound -  he must discriminate between the sounds produced by anything called lifeless and sounds that come from a living creature. He must be beyond caring whether, for him, the sound is pleasant or unpleasant, agreeable or disagreeable; his soul must be imbued only with what is going on in the being from whom the sound proceed.  By doing so he will acquire the faculty, as it were, of the being from whom the sound proceeds. He begins to hear with his soul.

 Listen  - it is important to develop the way in which he listens to others when they are speaking. He must adjust himself to do this in such a way that, while listening, h sow inner self is absolutely silent. Good practice is to listen to extraordinary and contradictory views – and to silence all agreement for adverse criticism. The point is to silence not only all intellectual judgement but also all feelings of displeasure.

When these exercises with sound are practised and developed, the soul will begin to become aware of communications from the spiritual world which are not expressed in sounds perceptible to the physical ear. Perception of the ‘inner word’ awakens. Higher truths are obtained through such ‘perception of the inner world'.

Enlightenment - enlightenment is the result of very simple processes. The beginning is made by studying different beings of nature in a particular way; for example a transparent stone or crystal, a plant and an animal. Initially one should endeavour to direct one's whole attention to a comparison of the stone with the animal.  Thoughts arising here must pass through the soul accompanied by alert feelings - and no other thought or feeling must disturb the intensely attentive contemplation.

Two quite different feelings will arise from the stone and the animal. Practice understanding these feelings. Out of these feelings, and the thoughts connected with them, organs of clairvoyance are formed - the organs thus formed are eyes of the spirit. With them the pupil gradually learns to see something like psychic and spiritual colours.

Once a person has acquired the faculty of seeing with spiritual eyes, he encounters, sooner or later, the beings of the higher worlds who never incarnate physically – some of them higher than man, some lower.

Control of thoughts and feelings -He must continuously have in mind that after some time he may have made a quite considerable progress without this being apparently him in the way he may have expected of courage and self-confidence are two beacons which was never been extinguished on the path to article Psalms

Visualizing growth – look at a small seed of a plant and reflect that out of the seed, planted in the correct soil, there will grow a plant of complex structure. All that will ultimately grow out of the seed is already secretly unfolded when inmate as the force of the health plans

Visualize decay – look at a developed plan  – have the thought that the time will come when this plant will wither and die and nothing of what I now see before me will that exist - but it will have developed seeds and these will grow into new plants. Understanding growth and decay leads to spiritual insight - for things reveal themselves.  Not only in their present state of being, but also in the stages of formation and passing away.

 Everywhere he begins to see the spirit hidden from the physical eye. He has achieved the beginnings of spiritual perception.

Insight into human nature -Visualize someone who is filled with desire for some object.Visualize someone in whom the fulfilment of some wish, the gratification of some desire, has been granted. Close study of these two examples will begin to build enlightened insight into human nature

Qualities of the student - They who would be an initiate must bring with them a certain mature courage and fearlessness. In the world there are constructive and destructive forces:  the destiny of manifested being is to come into existence and the to pass away.  The seer has to penetrate into the working of these forces and the course of destiny. The veil screening the eyes of the spirit in everyday life must be removed.  But see himself interwoven with these forces, with his destiny.  He must develop his own nature so that he can distinguish between them. It is a question of cultivating this courage and fearlessness in the innermost depths of the life of thought. 

He must learn not to despair over failure

He must be able to press on into the future, undismayed by any experiences of the past.


An individual can learn of the mysteries of existence only as much as corresponds with this degree of maturity. There are a number of trials that he has to undergo

Trial one – consists in acquiring a truer vision than the average man possesses of the corporeal attributes of lifeless things, then of plants, animals and human beings. This is a question not of science but of vision. The qualities that are heard and seen are concealed from the physical eye and the physical ear. They are hidden from sensory perception as if behind a veil. The falling away of this veil is connected with a process known as ‘spiritual burning away’ - hence this trial is called the ‘trial by fire’

 Passing this trial opens up a new field of awareness of the world of the spirit. The separate shapes, returns and colours are now revealed to him as forming a great interconnected hello now for the first time he has real certainty in observing the higher worlds. If he passes this trial and develop the skills and he will move on to the next trial

Trial two – this is the trial to prove whether he can move with freedom and certainty in the higher worlds. He is no longer impelled by inducements from outside, but is entirely self-energizing and self- starting. When he has reached this stage of initiation, there are duties, which he has to carry out without any stimulus from the outside.

He will find himself with a definite and firm spiritual task.

 His success will be measured by the alteration produced by his action in the patterns he can perceive with his spiritual ears and eyes. As training progresses, an exact indication is given of what the patterns look like before and after an action has been performed.  The candidate must know how and why he was able to bring about this change. This trial is known as the ‘trial by water’ because it is activity in the higher realms where the candidate lacks any support from outer circumstances, just as support is lacking when someone moves about in water that is out of his depth.

Trial three – here there is no feeling of a goal – everything is left in his own hands. He finds himself in a situation where nothing prompts him to act - he must find his way quite alone from out of himself - no persons or things are there to stimulate his action. Nothing and nobody can now give him the strength he needs but only he himself. What is essential at this stage is absolute presence of mind. In the arcane schools this is known known as the ‘Trial by Air’ because while undergoing it the candidate can find no support from anyone but himself.

The Temple of Higher Wisdom – if the third trial is safely passed, the pupil may enter the Temple of Higher Wisdom – in order to enter he must take an oath to betray nothing of the occult teachings. It is not a question of withholding the higher truths but more presenting them in the right way and with the appropriate tact. The silence he learns to keep is a quite different matter. He acquires this fine quality in regard to things of which he used previously to speak, especially in regard to the manner in which he spoke.The only obstacle to communication in this field is the limit of understanding of the recipient.

Everything said must be spoken in a manner that the recipient can receive it.

The draught of forgetfulnessif the pupil has successfully past the above tests, then he will be given what is called symbolically the draught of forgetfulness. This means that he is initiated into the secret of how to act without allowing himself to be continually disturbed by the lower memory. This is necessary for he must at all times have full confidence in the immediate present

The draught of remembrance – the second draft is the draught of remembrance. Through it he acquires the power to have the higher mysteries always present in his soul. Ordinary memory would be unequal to this. He must become completely united with the higher truths. He must, quite as a matter of course, apply them in living action.

Practical Aspects

Patience – a particular effort must be made to qualify two cultivate the quality of patients. Every impulse of impatience has a paralyzing even a destructive effect upon the higher faculties

Curiosity - every kind. Curiosity must pass away from the pupil. He must rid himself as far as possible of the habit of asking questions about matters on which he wants information mainly for the sake of satisfying his personal thirst for knowledge. He should only ask about matters that can help to make his own being a more effective servant of evolution.  Nevertheless his delight in knowledge should in no way be weakened – he should listen attentively to everything that serves this aim and seek every opportunity for practicing this devotion.

Anger – if I get angry or annoyed I build a wall around myself in the soul world and the forces enemy forces which should develop my appraisal so cannot approach. If for example a person annoys me, a psychic current goes out from him into the soul-the spirit to the students. I cannot see this current as long as I am capable of anger - my own anger conceals it from me. It inhibits the psychic astral vision of the phenomenon.

The gift of clairvoyance – this only manifests when all the qualities which hinder the emergence of the slumbering facilities are suppressed – these include not only anger but irritability, timidity, superstition, prejudice etc.

 Thoughtfulness – every word spoken, without having been thoroughly clarified and thought  through, is a stone thrown in the way of esoteric training.  When something is said to which I have to reply,  I must pay heed to the speaker's opinion and then present my case in a manner which he can understand and possibly accept. All communication is carried out with a clear understanding of gentleness.

Stillness – together with gentleness, stillness is required and that is the quality of quietly paying attention to all the delicate features in the soul-life  while maintaining complete stillness within the soul.

When I am ready, I shall attain what I am destined to attain


First ConditionHealth -   attention should be be paid to the furtherance of bodily and spiritual health -  health does not primarily depend upon the individual; but health can be improved by intent purpose of the will. Of special importance is striving for a completely healthy mind – clear, calm thinking,  stability of feeling and emotion are the fundamentals here.

Second Condition - is to feel oneself a member humanity as a whole - This means seeing in oneself the reaction to  everyone one meets and has business with. If I am a teacher, and the pupil is not what I would wish him to be, I should feel at one with my pupil and ask myself if a shortcoming is not the result of my own action. I will reflect upon how I should myself behave in order that he may in future be better able to satisfy my expectations. Such an attitude gradually makes a change in the whole of a man's way of thinking.

Third Conditionthoughts and feelings are as important as actions – the pupil must be able to work his way to the realization that his thoughts and feelings are as important for the world as his actions. It is just as harmful to hate a person as to strike them. This knowledge comes to me when I strive to improve myself, I then accomplish something not only for myself but also for the whole world.

Fourth Condition - the real being of man lies not in the outer world but in the inner world. To feel oneself a being of soul and spirit  is the very basis of esoteric training. Recognition of the truths for which he stands must be sought only in the voice of his own soul, with its genuine striving for knowledge. But he learn as much as he possibly can from his environment in order to discover what will benefit those around him and be useful to them. In this way he will achieve what is known as ‘spiritual balance’

Fifth Condition - steadfastness in carrying out a resolution once it is taken; Every resolution is a force, and even if this force does not have immediate success at the point where it is applied, nevertheless it works on in its own way.

Success is decisive only if an action arises from desire.

But all such actions are worthless in the face of the higher world.

There, love for an  action alone is decisive. Everything that impels the student to action should find expression in love. Then he will never weary in his efforts to translate a resolution into deed, however often he may fail.

Sixth Condition - thankfulness for everything that falls to man’s lot. We must realize that our existence is a gift from the universe. Understanding and embracing this idea is a way of developing the all embracing love that is necessary for the attainment of higher knowledge.

Seventh Condition – is to grasp life in the manner demanded by these conditions.The conditions are designed to render the pupil strong enough to meet the further demands  that his training will make upon him.

General - work and devotion are the fundamental demands made upon the pupil.

Love of the work itself, not success – this alone leads to progress

Those who have acquired a certain amount of higher knowledge knew that they owe everything to quiet attentiveness and patient reflection, not to willful personal judgment.



The Chakras



Brow – two petals - developing this chakra enables the individual to make a connection between his higher self. and lofty spiritual beings. But this can only be done when throat, heart and solar plexus chakras have been fully developed - once this chakra is fully developed, the higher self by will be born into conscious existence. The persons called the ‘great initiates of humility’ will now begin to be reality for him and he will learn to recognize the ‘Law of his life’ his karma.


Throatsixteen petalsperceives forms - makes it possible to perceive clairvoyantly the character of another being’s thoughts and to gain deeper insight into the true laws of natural phenomena.


Once this chakra is developed he will be able to perceive the spiritual figures of a higher world.


Eight of the petals were developed during an earlier stage of man's evolution - this was a gift from nature. The remaining eight petals need to be dealt developed consciously one by one.


Petel One - he must watch over his ideas for mental concepts. Every idea should be of significance for him; he should see in it a definite message instructing him concerning things of the outer world, and he should not be satisfied with ideas devoid of such significance. He should endeavor to banish incorrect ideas from his soul.


Petel Two – he should resolve upon even the most insignificant act with well-founded and thorough consideration. All thoughtless and meaningless actions should be foreign to his nature.


Petel Three - only such words as have sense and meaning should come from his lips. All  talking for the sake of talking diverts him from his path.


Petel Four - the pupil adjusts all his actions in such a way that they harmonize with those of his fellow men and with happenings in his environment.  He reframes actions which are disturbing to others or at variance with what is going on around him.


Petel Five - he lives in conformity with both Nature and  Spirit. Never over-hasty, he is never indolent.. Excessive activity and laziness are equally alien to him. He ooks uopn life as a means for work and orders himself accordingly. He regulates his habits, the care of his health and so on, in such a way as to yield a harmonious life .


Petel Six - he endeavors to fulfill his obligations more and more thoroughly.  He tries to avoid everything that is beyond his powers but toomit nothing that is within their scope. He sets before himself aims connected with the ideals and the great duties of a human being.


Petel Seven- he endeavors to learn from life as much as possible.  Nothing comes to his notice without giving him occasion to gather experience of value for his life. If he has performed anything wrongly or imperfectly, this is an incentive for him to accomplish something of the same type correctly or perfectly later on.


Petel Eight – he must practice introspection, sink into himself, form and test the basic principles of his life, survey in thought the sum-total of his knowledge, weigh his duties, reflect about the content and aim of his life, and so on,


These practices will enable this chakra to fully blossom


In all these activities it is necessary to exercise caution in forming and voicing judgments and to remain silent about the individuals experience other than to those who understand what he is talking about



Heart - twelve petals - brings a clairvoyant knowledge of the sentiments and outlook of other souls. This faculty makes it possible to recognize forces in animals and plants.


Six of the petals were given as a gift of nature. The other six have to be developed


 Petel One - control of thought. This is to ensure a logical flow of thought He endeavours always to keep to this course of action in his own thoughts


Petel Two – control of actions.   All inconsistency, all disharmonies in action conduces to the ruin of this chakra. When the pupil has performed some deed, he adapts his next action in such a way that it follows logically from the first.


Petel Three – Cultivation of Endurance - The pupil is impervious to all influences that would diverse in from the goal he has set himself, as long as he can regard this goal as right. Obstacles are challenges for him to overcome, never a reason for delaying his progress.


Petel Four - Forbearance -. The pupil suppresses all superfluous criticism of whatever is imperfect, evil and wrong and tries rather to understand everything that comes to him. Should some adversity befall him, he does not indulge in adverse criticism and accepts what necessity has brought him and endeavours as best he can to urn things to good. He does not look at the opinions of others merely from his own standpoint but tries to put himself into their position.


Petel Five - impartiality - he is impartial towards all that meets him in life. The pupil meets every man and every other being with faith and in the effectiveness of what he undertakes. H banishes faintheartedness and scepticism. If he has a purpose in view, he also has faith in its power. A hundred failures cannot rob him of his faith.


 It is this faith that can move mountains


Petel Six - equilibrium – the pupil endeavours to retain his equanimity in the face of joy or sorrow. He does not fluctuate between jubilation and despair. Misfortune and danger, fortune advancement like, find him ready armed.  


These are the six attributes that the aspirant for initiation must develop in himself in order to enter the higher worlds with the necessary equipment.


Solar Plexus – ten petals - conscious control of the sense impressions themselves.


Only by this means can the pupil avoid a source of countless illusions and spiritual fantasies. He must reach the stage where he receives no impressions other than those he is willing to receive. He can achieve his faculty only by developing a powerful inner life; by an effort of will he must allow himself to be affected only by things to which she directs his attention, while warding off other impressions. Whatever he sees, he must see because he wills to do so, and what he deliberately ignores must be literally non-existent for him. So he must train himself to hear nothing unless he is willing to hear it, and to see nothing unless he is willing to see it. And he must make a particular effort to control his life of thought.


Spleen – six petals - this enables the individual to enjoy community with beings going to the higher world.


This is developed by complete mastery of the whole man through consciousness of self, so the body, soul and spirit are in perfect harmony

The body must be so ennobled and purified that its organs impel the individual to nothing that is not in the service of the soul and spirit. The pupil must not feel duty as a power hovering over him, but rather something he does because he loves it.


An individual who has developed this chakra is able to enjoy community with the beings of the higher world - and these beings are revealed to him/




The Etheric Body

The individual must be in a position to regulate in control independently and with full consciousness the movement of instructors. You must acquire the faculty of hearing what is called the inner world and this entails the development not only of the social body but also of the aesthetic quality.


The etheric body has approximately the size and shape of the physical body what is an extremely fine a delicately organized spiritual structure. Every living body has nothing anybody – plants and animals to.


The Etheric body is transformed under the influence of the four attributes.


Four Attributes

There are four attributes, which must be acquired on the probationary path for the attainment of higher knowledge


The first – discrimination – this is the faculty to discriminate in thought between truth and the appearance of things, truth and mere opinion.  As a matter of course he discriminates in everything that confronts him, between the non-essential and the significant.


The second  – the realthe ability to value rightly the true and the real as against the merely apparent.


The third – the practice of the six qualities needed to develop the heart chakra - namely of control of thoughts, control of actions, perseverance, tolerance, faith and equanimity


The fourth - is the love of inner freedom - this attribute service to bring to maturity the heart chakra - Once this attribute becomes an inner habit, the individual frees himself from everything that is connected only with the faculties of his personal nature


Dream Life

As the pupil develops his inner spiritual life and his dreams begin to change. Two being confused and haphazard, they now begin to see it as human animal regular character that begins to appear before him pictures of the world previously unknown to him this is the beginning of life and activity in a new world and at this point as it Terry training must is that idea came up in the reorg submitted here night acting work on that date and might and then maybe he could he could contribute. Or we could mean we can give you my vehicle for the work he is doing the people a twofold task


He must take stock of everything he observed in his dreams – exactly where you were awake then, when successful, he will make the same observations during ordinary waking consciousness. Once he has acquired this faculty,  he will begin to see what is present in the spiritual world as the cause of action in the physical world. He will be able to recognize his own higher self in this world.


His next task is to grow into this higher self and to begin to regard it as his own true being and to conduct himself accordingly,


 He realizes that his physical body is merely an instruments of his higher self


He will learn how to stir to life the force of spiritual perception lying in the heart chakra, and control it through the practices described. With these skills he will learn that full consciousness of an object in the spiritual world is possible when he uses this organ of perception. The spiritually developed individual feels himself to be united with, and is there with you, the spiritual objects he proceeds


He begins to sense the attributes of being a ‘wanderer’ – that is being without a home – he must now seek out some place which he has thoroughly explored and take possession of it spiritually. In this place he must establish a ‘spiritual home’ for himself and relate everything else to it.


This founding of a spiritual home is called in the esoteric language ‘building a hut’.


As he develops his spiritual awareness, he begins to see the spiritual force that lie behind every material object. A commercial town has a different astral energy from that of a university town. A loviof ag action is accompanied by a different astral picture from one inspired by hatred.


Continuity of Consciousness

As the skill in dreaming increase, the individual will begin to become more clairvoyant and to perceive new qualities, new things, new beginnings in the world around him.


He now no longer need to wait for dreams in order to live in another world, for at any suitable moment he can transfer himself into a ‘conscious dreaming’ condition for the purpose of highedr perception. This condition is then comparable to the perception of things with active senses as opposed to inactive senses.


This can in  some ways be described as a sort of ‘hearing’. The individual becomes aware of an impression both of a voice, words, symbols, and an active impression of what is trying to reach him.


These experiences will be of two kinds


The first may be totally foreign to anything he has ever known. They may be a source of joy and inner nourishment but they should be left to themselves for the time being. They are the first harbingers of a higher spiritual world in which the pupil will only later find his bearings


In the second kind of experience the attentive observer we discover a certain relationship with the everyday world in which he lives. The things he reflects about during life, what he would like to understand in his environment but cannot grasp with the ordinary intellect -  these are the things concerning which the experiences during sleep give him enlightenment. As he develops these skills he becomes able to connect to the ordinary life whatever comes to him from a higher world.

 He now needs to develop his Concentration – by directing his attention to certain definite ideas on concepts connected with the secrets of the universe.

And in Meditation -  which is complete submersion in these complex concepts.

This is important stage of development,  when consciousness is retained during sleep,  is known in spiritual science as the ‘Continuity of consciousness’ 

The Divisionof the Personality

During sleep new communications from the physical sense organs, new perceptions of the ordinary world, find their way to the human soul. In a certain respect the soul is outside that part of the human being – the so-called physical body – which in waking life is the medium for sense perceptions and for thinking. The soul is then connected only with the finer bodies – the Etheric body and the astral body. But the activities of these finer bodies continue throughout sleep.The soul lives in uninterrupted activity in the higher worlds, gathering from them the impulse to work upon the physical body. The man is unconscious of this high life; the esoteric pupil makes him self-conscious of it and thereby his whole life is transformed/

He must seek perfect harmony between the higher experience and events in everyday life. Man's task must be sought on this earth but he must participate in the spirit in order to be able to carry it's revelations into the world of the senses.

He will begin to experience the development of three fundamental forces of the soul,

 willing, feeling and thinking. He will begin to be able to sever the direct connection between the three. These organs are Individualized and freed of each other. There is no longer any connection between an idea,  the feeling,  in the impulses of the will.  unless he himself creates the link.  He can remain passive towards the thought which would formally have started an action of its own accord

There are three aberrations into which the pupil must constantly watch:

Violence of will, sentimental emotionalism  and cold, loveless striving for wisdom.

 The more capable he is of meeting the demands made by the outer world upon a healthy, vigorous constitution of body, soul and spirit, the better it is for him.

He should never be found wanting in presence of mind or fail to look calmly at all relevant situations in life.

The Lesser Guardian of the Threshold

When the threads connecting willing, feeling and thinking within the astral and etheric bodies begin to loosen, he Lesser Guardian appears - he is an independent being. He is not present for the pupil until the latter has reached the corresponding stage of development. The Guardian is often seen as a terrible spectral being, but in effect is a way of bringing the pupil face-to-face with his own dark side.Up until now the student has been guarded by wise beings. These beings now partially remove their restraining influence and the individual must move forward under his own responsibility.. Now all the bad asked aspects of previous lives are revealed to the student. The Guardian is a being who has formed a body out of the students noble and ignoble doings.

The threshold upon which the Guardian stands is built out of every feeling of fear remaining in the pupil..  The Guardian warns him not to go further until he feels confident that he has overcome these fears.  Only when these fears have been overcome will the guardian allow him to pass. If successfully endured, the meeting with this Guardian results in the next physical death of the pupil being an event entirely different from previous deaths. He experiences consciously the process of dying, and  he lays aside the physical body because it is worn out.

The whole super-sensitive world is now open to him before his death as it is after death. From the moment he meets the guardian the individual is required not merely to relate to certain tasks as a personality but to work with conscious understanding of the people of his race Everything previously inculcated into him dissolves completely when the threads binding willing, thinking and feelingare severed.   

The Greater Guardian of the Threshold

The meeting with the lesser guardian has revealed to the pupil his true self. Visible life becomes intelligible to him through the invisible causes. The essential facts of life, health and illness, death and birth unveil themselves before his sight.He gains a better knowledge of the true value of physically visible nature that was possible before his spiritual training. Without his experiences in the visible reality he will be utterly powerless in the invisible reality. If he is working in the latter, he must have faculties and instruments for doing so.

 He begins to understand disease and death. Death is only an expression of the fact that the super sensible world, as it once was, has reached the point from which it cannot progress by itself. This dying world was my teacher. But the field of mortality has brought the maturity within me the seeds of immortality. I bear these seeds with me into another world.

As progress is made the lower Guardian is joined,  after a time by the Greater Guardian.

 When the pupil has recognize the things from which he must free himself, an exalted Being of Light stands before him on his path. The beauty of this being is difficult to describe in human language. This meeting takes place when the organs of thinking, feeling and willing are free from each other, in relation even to the physical body, and their reciprocal connection is no longer regulated by themselves but by the higher consciousness that is now entirely liberated from physical conditions..The Soul liberated from all bonds of the senses,  is now confronted by the Greatest Guardian who says.

‘You have released yourself from the world of the senses.

Your right to a home in the super sensible world has been won..


Until today you have striven as an individual; now make yourself a member of the whole so that you may bring into the super sensible-world not just herself, but everything else that exists in the world of the senses. You will someday be able to make yourself at home with me but you cannot find this blessedness whilst others are still without. I therefore forbid you admission into the highest regions of the supe- sensible world as long as you have not applied to the redemption of the world to which you belong all the powers you have acquired. Thee will be no entrance as long as you retain powers that have not been put to use in the service of the world.

One who genuinely follows the instructions of the good teachers will, after crossing the threshold, understand the demands of the Greater Guardian