Destruction of the Earth

Our work with the Enabling Process has led us to believe that this conscious accessing of the Wisdom, that has inspired our clients, may help when finding solutions to apparently intractable practical problems.

And today, with the apparent destructionof the Earth,  there is no shortage of these practical problems, where shared solutions are yet to be found.  These include:

  • Covid-19 Virus
  • Global Warming
  • Mass migration
  • Economic problems
  • Mass unemployment
  • Health problems
  • Education problems

In this section we will look these situations and explore four aspects:

1. What is the Problem ?

2. What is the Solution  ?

3. How do we mange the Transition from 1 to 2 ?

4. What, if anything, can I do personally to help ?

Our first sub page is to a recent Report on the Global Problem.

The next is a look at the Causes that lie behind our Problems

We will then give our own ideas - and hopefully others will contribute and we will begin to build some useful concepts for possible future positive action.

This is a growing part of this website. 

If you are interested in exploring these situations with us,  then perhaps you would like to add your views, via our email address below, and we can begin to build our ideas together. 

email: savaric.w@gmail.com