Your Safe Place

It is good to have a private place which you can retreat and find peace.

It may be a place for meditation - or simply be a place where you like to be and spend some time.

This is a place situated on Level Three, that we have described in our pages on Levels and Three

We will look at a way of finding this place.  We need to repeat that what we describe here is an indication of how you might set about this – what you actually do is of course entirely up to youm  and will only have a reality if it has been created by you and inspired by your own Higher Self.

Start with the process we have described in our page Three - rise up through the tube of light and find yourself in your small cabin at the top. Compose yourself, and when you are ready, go out into Level Three, in whatever way you visualise it.

Look around you and re-acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Then, about 200 yards away is your own secret place - it could be in a small cottage - or even a house. Whatever it is, the door is open, and this is your own peaceful place.

Walk across to the open door, go inside and sit on a convenient chair.  Look around and see what is in the room - there is the open door and a window - there could be a bed and a table - maybe cooking materials and a sink.  What colour are the walls and the furniture  ?  Note carefully what you see, for this is your own secret place of peace, where you cannot be disturbed. 

Then look out of the door and see what is happening outside - here could be small animals playing around, and maybe vegetation, maybe breaking waves.  Whatever is there is an essential part of this place.

Sit quietly for a while absorbing the atmosphere of the room.  Know that this place is always there - and is somewhere where you can find peace and will not be disturbed.

When you're ready, get up, walk out of the door and retrace your steps to the small cabin at the top of your tube of light.

Enter the cabin, shut the door and descend end through the tube of light to the room where you started,

knowing that your place of peace is always available for you