Aspects of the Levels of Consciousness

In our page on Consciousness we look at simplifying the wide range of levels into three broad levels  here we look at how life is experienced in these levels

Level One

At this level the individual is living in the current materialistic paradigm where only what can be sensed is real – higher levels of consciousness are not seeing as existing

The esoteric view of this level is split into three aspects -  attitudes in these aspects can be thought of as follows

The Physical body - awareness of bodily sensations

  • Life is often governed by aimlessness and routine,
  • there is identification with the body
  • work may be a drudgery
  • difficulties tend to be deal with his resignation and escape

The Vital body - feelings and thoughts

  • Life is governed by desire - for wealth, sex or power,
  • there is identification with the impulses and emotins
  • work is a way generating wealth, exercising powere and exhibiting one's skolls
  • difficulties are seen to be a struggle and generate tension and worry

The Mind body - working with practical every-day affairs

  • Life is governed by moral and mental ptinciples
  • there is identification with the mind
  • work is a way of peforming duty and rendering service
  • difficulties are dealt with dispassionate problem solving

Purpose of Life - There is only one life - so make the most of it while you can. Aim to achieve their maximum happiness joy and fulfilment. 

Level Three

At this level the individual is living in harmony with a fluent understanding -  and a personal experience and 'Knowing' of higher levels of of consciousness which are seen as being as real,  in their nonmaterial way,  as is the reality of the material world.

The esoteric view of this level it is a more coherent integrated approach that was seen with the three material bodies - the attitudes achieved at this level could be summarised as follows:

Towards Life - 

  • Search for the purpose and meaning of life
  • Pursuit of inner growth.
  • Life governed by what is felt to be the truth of one's inner being

Towards oneself and others  - Looking for upon oneself and others as more than the three fold material being as seen on Level One - instead an integrated two fold spiritual/material being

Towards Work -  a means of inner growth, self-offering and self consecration - guided  and inspired selfless service to others.

Towards Difficulties - viewing difficulties with equanimity, as opportunities for growth – endeavouring to emulate the esoteric concept that

The master is never Perturbed

Purpose of Life - Each life is one of many -  as life follows life in the reincarnation process of the individual growing in spiritual awareness

The purpose of each life is to :

  • Deliver in useful service the inherent skills brought into the life
  • To learn the lessons of the life
  • Enjoy what the ife has to offer in the way of relationships achievements and pleasurable activities