ActionM - PW

Corrective projection means recognising destructive behavioural patterns that result in unpreferred outcomes and substituting them with constructive ones. I began by opening my mind to the possibility that I was the cause of my problems and I became aware of possible alternative perspectives by making a list of the things in my life that could be improved or completely removed, for example; comfort habits such as eating sweets and recurrent bad habits such as quick temper, sleeping for so long, feast and famine dieting etc.

An example of this from my own experience regarding my physical health was the guidance to the work of Dr. John Sarno, who discovered that the underlying nature of all dis-ease is a direct result of emotions that are repressed as a result of childhood trauma. These trauma responses are hardwired in infancy, and are often at the root of our repetitive unhelpful patterns. This approach resonated with me and application of the techniques outlined in his book; ‘The Mindbody Prescription’, eliminated the back pain that I had suffered for many years. The principle focus being a combination of a simple breathing exercise combined with a simple visualisation process.

On a lighter note I would offer the following example that relates to the use of kinesiology for yes/no responses: - Often, I would ask for directions whilst driving. On one occasion, when heading from Cheltenham to Manchester I made my connection and asked to be guided home, but without the aid of a map or satnav. My incentive was to avoid the Friday afternoon congestion on the M5 and M6 motorways by traveling across country and to see whether or not I would make it home or end up lost in the middle of South Wales.

Yes and no responses for directions e.g. turn left, right or straight on via kinesiology took me to places I would have never known existed, and as long as I was prepared for a slightly longer journey in miles or time, and was not anxious to get home it was a great way to pass the time, see new scenery, discover new cafes and to learn to trust my inner guide. I should add that sometimes I would get stuck in traffic and would get angry with myself as my pet hate is and always has been traffic jams, wondering what the heck I was doing here in the middle of nowhere, stuck behind this tractor in a tail back cursing every few seconds. I can assure you that in these situations I was not the zen role model of calm and tranquillity, but when I realised that due to road conditions or accidents, as broadcast on BBC radio travel news, my delays were inevitable and the universe was not deliberately winding me up. So, I would calm down, at least until the next hold up. 

In depth material can be accessed in ‘How to Live Consciously’ and the companion book ‘Insights’.