- General exploration of working with higher levels of consciousness - to include ideas on -living a spiritual life - health - mentoring - consulting  - working with groups

The pre connection process of raising one’s awareness of unhelpful behaviour patters is outlined below and it is essential to do this before attempting the process of connectivity to the higher consciousness;

Many people feel inadequate because they are continually told that they are. Most have no knowledge of their own bodies, their own spirituality, or self-empowerment, and go through their lives in a sleep-like state of unawareness, continuing to play that game, focused on end results. If, on review of your life, you remain unfulfilled, fearful for the future, or in a seemingly endless cycle of repetitive thoughts and actions, you may be open to the prospect of communing with your higher consciousness and inner wisdom. Perhaps you will choose to make the conscious decision in this moment that you want to change your life, and then the process of change can begin immediately.

Once you see how external influences affect you and how you react, then you can begin the process of taking back control of your life. Motivated by the desire to change and effort made, a remarkable awakening to the higher consciousness will begin. Having experienced the veracity of the connection, you will appreciate that you were never separated from the universal intelligence that permeates all life, and that it was you who created the illusion of separation.