This is a personal website of Barry Taylor.

It is based upon experience gained in working with many colleagues and clients - from this we have developed our ideas of using higher levels of consciousness as a way of accessing a 'Wisdom'  that is useful in addressing conventional material problems.

It is necessary to state that working with higher levels of consciousness can only be achieved by the individual developing their own personal way of working - any description of this process is inevitably personal.  Not only personal, but not necessarily universally applicable – each one of us has to devise our own methods..


Barry Taylor

Lives in Glastonbury.  


MA in Engineering from Oxford University

 a Relate Counsellor.

17 years in the City of London as Director and Managing Director of an Export Finance House, and since then has been a self-employed management consultant and company director. 

Involved in all aspects of starting and running small and medium sized companies and charities.

Co-founder, chair, treasurer or trustee of many charities and not-for-profit companies including: 

  • London Marriage Guidance Council
  • Wessex Counselling Services 
  • Glastonbury Trust,
  • Isle of Avalon Foundation,
  • Library of Avalon,
  • Chalice Well Trust.
  • Pilgrim Reception Centre
  • Glaston Centre Ltd.

Retired from paid consulting work and concentrating upon working with individuals in helping them decide upon and plan their future activities


  • Family and friends
  • Anything to do with the sea and boats
  • Active interest in all aspects of Esotericism and the Perennial Philosophy


Savaric.com - outlining the process of working with the Wisdom

WiseCreativity.com - looking at personal aspects of working with the Wisdom


A Pilgrim in Glastonbury – 2010 Abbey Press – ISBN 0-9533203-6-7

Experience of being 'Called to Glastonbury' and working with projects in this town.

Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects – 2015 - New Generation Publishing ISBN 978-1-78507-208-6 -

E-book available on Amazon.uk.com

An outline of what is involved in ‘being inspired’, and setting up and establishing a project 

Both these books are available from  GlastonCentre.org