AccessingM - PW

As an intro the following is how I experience the process of connectivity to the higher levels of consciousness:-

I make my connection by repeating a mantra for a few seconds. After a few repetitions, I feel an energy surge that travels up my back and continues out through the top of my head. The energy surge makes me shudder, and sometimes my head tilts gently backward. At other times I have only a vague awareness of sensation in the head or chest. The sensation in the chest, a vibration that quickens my breathing just for a second, feels like love. In my head, I feel as though my consciousness, or awareness of myself, has just expanded. Whatever the sensation, regardless of intensity or where it is felt, I know and trust, without doubt, that I am now connected to the higher consciousness, and in turn the universal intelligence. 

I then ask to be connected, and also ascertain whether it’s appropriate to do so now, in this moment, often the answer is no because my energies are low or I am pre-occupied or perhaps stressed and if so then I would try again later. I then begin to direct questions to the higher consciousness. The answers appear in my head, in my own voice, and I have pen and paper ready to write them down unless it is a question that requires a simple yes or no response. I often receive those through a kinesiology method, and whilst this is not strictly necessary I have become accustomed to using it for quick answers to quick questions.

After connecting and receiving guidance it is important to disconnect properly. Simply say (in your mind) ‘Thank you for the connection and guidance.’ I always add, ‘Is there anything else you wish to tell me or say.’ I sense or muscle test for the response, and if the response is no, then mentally I close the connection.